A fresh take on signature styles, Tallulah & Poppy is making a case for craftsmanship. Clean lines and contemporary silhouettes in timeless textiles. These locally made, hand-crafted pieces are… well, special. There’s a pop of personality and attention to detail that you can’t help but notice right from the start.


What initially started as a womenswear line quickly evolved into a womens and childrens clothing brand, with Meghan’s young daughters and motherhood in general as the inspiration.  Meghan began designing dresses for her daughters that coordinated with the T&P styles, launching the childrenswear and mommy & me collections.  These styles are designed with versatility and wearability in mind - from coordinating with your littles on holidays to afternoons in the city to summertime adventures - we know how special it is to celebrate family moments, big and small, and we’ve got you covered!


At Tallulah & Poppy textiles are the star as we feel fabrics are the foundation of a quality garment.  From multicolor tweed to cotton eyelet to stretch poplin and everything in between! We believe fabrication combined with clean lines and classic silhouettes create a style that is both modern and timeless, standing the test of time season after season in both quality and design.  These styles are designed to be worn year after year and passed down from sibling to sibling.  We pride ourselves on the pop of personality and attention to detail within our collections as well as the versatility, wearability, and seasonless lifespan.


Tallulah & Poppy is based in the Greater Boston area and our collections are locally, ethically, and sustainably produced in small batches in Massachusetts.  By doing so, we are able to have full transparency and close relationships with our production partners as well as greatly reduce carbon emissions generated from shipping.  As advocates of the slow fashion movement we have a less is more and quality over quantity mindset, and are committed to being a positive environmental change within the fashion industry.


It all starts with a little inspiration...

Meghan, founder and designer of T&P, starts each collection with “research” (A.K.A drawing inspiration from textiles and fabrics, color, and fashion history). Then, she creates a mood board to capture her vision.

From there Meghan takes her ideas and puts them on paper. Sketching, again, and again—until they’re just right. Technical flats and tech packs are then created; which include technical information and construction details of each garment. Finally, the pattern and first fit sample are developed.


Getting it right.

Once the patterns and first fit samples are created, it’s time for the first fitting… and then a second… and maybe even a third. (Meg’s a perfectionist when it comes to making the garment look just right.)


Turning cloth into clothing.

Once the styles are approved and the line is finalized, the collection comes to life! Patterns are then digitized, graded and cut. Lastly (but certainly not least) sewing production begins and is overseen by our incredible team of local manufacturing partners, ensuring that the garments you love and wear are impeccably sewn for a seamless fit.

Happiness made here in the U.S.A.

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